About Alien Inks by Alien Hieroglyphics

At first the name of a unique art style, Alien Hieroglyphics steadily grew into its own artistic brand as the artist's creations proliferated. 

Now, the Alien Inks clothing line by Alien Hieroglyphics makes it possible for you to dress in clothing that features your favorite Alien Hieroglyphics designs as well as other creative graphic images.  

Both the artisitc brand, Alien Hieroglyphics, and the clothing brand, Alien Inks, were created by the artist Ian Lepkowsky who is also known as Alien Hyroglyfik.  

If you don’t see what you’re looking for then please reach out to me directly at IanLepkowsky@gmail.com for any questions, requests, commissions, etc.  If you’re interested in viewing the private Alien Hieroglyphics Gallery at the physical location (310 Riverside Blvd Long Beach, NY 11561) then send me an email with your request and contact information and we can schedule a time for a private gallery viewing.

If you’re a customer who is dissatisfied with your purchase or is interested in giving any type of feedback, whether it be about the order, the process, the website, the artwork, or otherwise, then please feel free to reach out to me for those reasons as well.


About The Alien Hieroglyphics Artist – Ian Lepkowsky


The Alien Hieroglyphics Artist, Ian Lepkowsky, is inspired by the concepts of unconditional self-expression, personal transformation, and the exploration of consciousness.

His Alien Hieroglyphics creations are an extension of his personality and an embodiment of three personal philosophies:

“Go with the flow of what you feel.”

“Everyone is a different perspective.”

“Everything happens for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you’ll understand or agree with it.”

Ian Lepkowsky, also known as “Alien Hyroglyfik” lives in Long Beach, New York. Alien Hieroglyphics/Alien Hyroglyfik was born in the Spring of 2011 when Ian was a Sophomore at the University at Albany in New York. At a spring festival that year, Ian was attracted to a table with a sign that read, “The Psychic Gallery.” Speaking to the man at the table, Ian found out the man was not only an Artist and Owner of the Gallery, but also a Psychic Medium. Obsessed with the Occult since he was a child, Ian eagerly paid this man to tell his fortune. Among other predictions, he told Ian that he was an Artist and that there was a Language inside of him waiting to be expressed. Ian had no idea what the Psyhcic was talking about. But it felt right. So Ian took the idea and ran with it. The Psychic gave Ian his first canvas and within a week, the first Alien Hieroglyphics/Alien Hyroglyfik painting was hanging in, “The Psychic Gallery.” Now, Ian has found his flow as an Artist as he learns to express and understand himself deeper with each piece.


The Artist's Process

Each Alien Inks brand masterpiece is created by the Artist, Ian Lepkowsky. 

Every day, he meditates deeply to reflect upon the connection between himself and the Universe in an effort to calm and balance his energy. This allows him to enter a free-form flow state in which he creates his unique abstract creations, which he calls Alien Hieroglyphics.  

This style is designed for Lovers of aliens, hieroglyphics, spirituality, weird art, abstract art, unique art, energy, consciousness, meditation, Peace, Love, Light, Bliss, ancient wisdom, alchemy, magic, witchcraft, symbols, and more!